Pilates Classes

Private sessions are one on one training with you and your trainer.  Each session is centered around your individual assessment using the mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrel exercises.  Individualized programs help you to meet optimal performance and personalized goals.

Semi Private sessions  are customized workouts for two individuals with similar goals and fitness levels looking to share the benefits of a private session at a reduced cost.  Workouts will be designed around each individual's assessment incorporating the mat, reformer, chair and barrels.

Group Personal Training sessions use either the mat, reformer, stability chair, spring wall or barrels.  This class is designed for all levels and will provide a full body workout focusing on  torso stability as well as strengthening the legs, back, chest and arms.  Group equipment classes are limited to four participants to assure a high quality class for all.  New clients are required to take 5 private sessions before joining a group class.  Group classes are not suitable for those with osteoporosis, low back injury or chronic back pain.

Post Rehab Sessions focus on your particular injury or weakness so you can recover range of motion, strength and flexibility.  Your instructor will create a safe and effective program that will move you towards better health and stamina.  Sessions are generally 30 minutes in length until you feel ready to progress to a full workout.

“Working with you changed my attitude about the abilities of my left arm.” -Emma Preuschl  

pilates for men

pilates for men

pilates for all ages

pilates for all ages

pilates for strength

pilates for strength

Pilates for Specific Groups

Approximately 60 % of golfers experience a golf-related injury at some point in their lives. Of course, pilates can help to rehabilitate muscles after an injury, but it can also help to strengthen muscles beforehand in order to prevent injury. Pilates can also give the added benefit of improved performance by strengthening the core muscles and stabilizers that are key to that perfect swing.

Dance is all about fluid controlled movement and precise body placement. In order to achieve these things, a dancer needs a strong core and solid control of the small stabilizer muscles throughout the body. Pilates helps to strengthen both these groups by focusing on controlled movement rather than on traditional weight or cardio training.

Everyone has small asymmetries in their body and for many people they are inconsequential. For riders, however, these asymmetries can have great implications for stability in the saddle and proper control of the horse. Pilates can help correct these asymmetries and to build solid core muscles and stabilizers that will allow riders to perform better and with less fatigue.

Pregnancy places a high amount of stress on the core muscles of the body and these muscles may be weakened during pregnancy which causes increased stress after the pregnancy as well. Pilates helps to strengthen these muscles with exercises that change throughout and after pregnancy to cope with corresponding changes in the body.

"As the pregnancy progressed, Rene modified several moves to be safer for the baby and my body or to be more comfortable. Rene was always so positive and willing to answer all the questions about the strangeness of a pregnant body. She has had four boys, so she knows all the ins and outs of pregnancy."-Mary Catherine Sexton


Tennis Players
Because of the single sided nature or tennis, many players develop muscular imbalances, which favor the side of their body with their dominant hand. Left unchecked, these muscular imbalances can lead to over-use injuries which could sideline a player for months. Pilates helps to correct muscular imbalances in the body and thereby helps to prevent injury. It also helps develop a stronger core which gives a player more endurance and a more powerful swing.

For swimmers, the two greatest benefits pilates can offer are increased flexibility and increased core strength. Pilates helps to build total body flexibility allowing quicker movement through the water and a more effective stroke. Increased core strength builds endurance by allowing a swimmer to distribute the strain of a stroke or a kick throughout more of the body, meaning each muscle has to do less work and takes longer to become fatigued.

Competitive Athletes
Any competitive athlete is susceptible to over-use injuries because of the long hours they spend practicing the same activities. Over-use injuries result from muscular imbalances caused by repeatedly working one group of muscles more than the rest of the muscles in the body. Pilates can help to prevent over-use injuries by helping to correct muscular imbalances and it can help individuals to recover from over-use injuries by re-strengthening injured muscles as well as surrounding muscles that will support them.

Breast Cancer Survivors
Many breast cancer survivors experience a loss of strength and/or mobility in their chest and shoulders after surgery and without a specialized recovery plan, full mobility and strength may not return for years. Within pilates, a specialized matwork program has been designed aimed specifically at helping women rebuild the affected muscles and strengthen the entire shoulder so that they can get back to their lives with the same strength they had before.

In many places, pilates is thought of an exercise program solely for women, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The creator of pilates, Joseph Pilates, designed the program for both men and women and trained elite athletes of all disciplines. Today, athletes including Tiger Woods, Jason Kidd, and Curt Schilling all employ pilates to increase their performance. The increased flexibility, core strength, and stability that can be attained through pilates would benefit any person, regardless of gender.


“I've learned how to isolate small muscles throughout my body to achieve the best workout and avoid injuries.”- Cami Stinson


Private Sessions with Instructor Trainer $65.00 or $600.00 for group of 10

Semi Private Sessions (Duos) with Instructor Trainer $80.00 ($40.00 per person)

Private Sessions with certified instructor $55.00 or $500.00 for group of 10

Semi Private Sessions with certified instructor (Duos) $70.00 per hour ($35.00 per person)

Workout with Rene $35.00 per person

Group Intro Package $250.00 for 5 private sessions

Post Rehab Sessions (30 minutes each) $40.00

Group Equipment Class $20.00 per class prepaid monthly

Group Equipment Class $25.00 Drop In

  • All Group classes are prepaid with no cancellations and no refunds for missed classes.
  • 24 hour notice strictly enforce.  If you cancel a private or semi private session with less than 24 hour notice you will be charged the full price for your session. 
  • All prepaid packages expire 6 months from date of purchase.