By Rene Craig

Proper mechanics and swing plane require strength, flexibility, and a strong core.  All of this can be accomplished in 15 minutes a day with golf specific exercises.  The purpose of most Pilates exercises is to strengthen and tone the body while gaining segmental control.  Strengthening the glutes and core translates to an increase in distance with the swing.  Strengthening the deep abdominals and back muscles can lead to lower scores while minimizing pain and injury.

These 4 exercise which can be done at home in just 15 minutes, will increase lumbar mobility, strengthen your glutes and core as well as focusing shoulder strength and stability.

Pelvic tilt to imprint increase the mobility of the pelvis, hips, and lumbar spine.  Lying supine on your back with knees bent, lengthen the low back to the floor by drawing your ASIS, or hip bones toward your rib cage.  Be sure you are using your obliques and not your glutes to perform the exercise.  10 Reps

Bridges Strengthen the Glutes increasing strength and stability of your golf swing.  It also strengthens your pelvis, low back, and core.  Lying on your back, with knees bent, exhale through pursed lips and press your hips up, inhale to lower your hips down.  To increase the challenge, try doing a single leg bridge keeping the pelvis level on the way up and down.  10 reps

Side lying leg circles increase the mobility of your hips which will improve hip turn on the backswing and downswing and reduce lateral motion.  Lying on one side of your body in a straight line, circle the top leg 10 times and then revers and go in the opposite direction. Focus on the back of the circle and keep the body quiet as the leg moves. 10 Reps Each Side

The Pilates Push Up is a full body exercise mobility of the spine, lengthens the hamstrings while it strengthens your core and shoulder girdle.  Stand at the back of a mat and roll down, placing your hands on the floor, bending at then knees if necessary.  Walk your hands out to plant and do slow push up, going down for 3 counts and up for 1.  Walk the hands back to the feet and roll up.  This will increase power from your core to your club.  5 Reps