Group classes are designed to give a full body workout with a focus on core stability and strengthening of the arms, legs, back, and chest. Classes may incorporate the mat, reformer, stability chair™, spring wall™, barrels and or other equipment. Classes are also adapted to the fitness levels and goals of the clients, so it is important to discuss classes with your instructor to make sure you select the class that is right for you.

Group classes are limited to four participants to ensure the highest quality experience for everyone. Group classes are not suitable for those with osteoporosis, low back injury, or chronic back pain. If you have one of these or any other chronic condition, speak with an instructor before signing up for a group class. Also, all individuals are required to attend five private sessions before participating in group classes, in order to ensure that they are capable of safely participating.

Group Class Policies

  • Please arrive early for your class. All classes will start on time, and late arrivals can be disruptive to the other clients in the class.
  • Bring socks, a towel, and comfortable clothes.
  • Cell phones must be silenced for the duration of the class.
  • All group classes are prepaid with no cancellations or refunds for missed classes.
  • Group class funds are non-transferable.

Session Pricing

Private Sessions

One-on-One Training Tailored Sessions
Private sessions are the ideal way to help you achieve your personal fitness goals and to improve athletic performance, or address injuries and chronic conditions.
Instructor Trainer
  • Single Session: $85
  • Package Pricing – $400/5 Sessions
  • Post-Rehab: $45 for 30 minute session
Senior Trainer
  • Single Session: $65
  • Package Pricing – $300/5 Sessions
Certified Trainer
  • Single Session: $55
  • Package Pricing – $250/5 Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions

2 People Training Sessions
 Personalized Instruction with Spouse, Significant Other, Friend, or Coworker, that is particularly effective if you and your partner are at similar fitness levels.
Instructor Trainer
  • Single Session: $50
  • Package Pricing – $250/5 Sessions
Senior Trainer
  • Single Session: $40
  • Package Pricing – $200/5 Sessions
Certified Trainer
  • Single Session: $35
  • Package Pricing – $175/5 Sessions

Group Sessions

Limited to 4 Participants
Full Body Workout, Strengthening and Stabilization
New Client Package
  • 3 Private Sessions, 2 Group Classes & A FREE Postural Analysis: $150
  • Pre-Paid Monthly – Single Session: $20
  • Drop In Rate – Single Session: $25
Trio Session
  • Single Session: $35/person

The Pilates Edge has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If you must miss a session, you must notify The Pilates Edge at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the session. For semi-private sessions, if your partner cannot attend, you must upgrade to a private session and will be subject to the private session pricing. All pre-paid private and semi-private packages expire 3 months after purchase and all pre-paid group classes expire in one month.