Do you ever wonder why you feel tired, weary, or just plain old some days? You may not have done too much, or over exerted yourself, but you just don’t feel right?  The answer may just lie in that old cliché saying “The weight of the world is on your shoulders”.

The way that our bodies are put together, the shoulder girdle plays a huge part in our posture, breathing, and therefore has a large effect on  our overall feeling of comfort and wellness.  Improper carriage of the shoulders can also lead to nerve pain throughout the limbs, neck and even to tension headaches/ migraines.

Using Pilates to strengthen lesser known muscles such as the S.I.T.S. muscles ( supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and sub-scapularis) as well as the mid and lower traps can dramatically reduce and even eliminate many of these symptoms and ailments. Arm Work on the Reformer such as simply Abduction, External Rotation,  and Backhand are good examples of how rounded/stooped shoulders(the most common postural issue of the shoulders) can be corrected.

As Pilates instructors this is one of the many things that we work on with our clients on a daily basis.  Come try a session today and see if we can help you take some of the weight of the world off of your shoulders!

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