Hundreds And Why They’re For Every Body


The 100 is 1 of the most versatile exercises in the Pilates repertoire. It was part of Joseph Pilates original program, but has since been adapted to fit nearly every piece of equipment,  body type and ability level.

A core exercise whose purpose is to strengthen deep stabilizers and also help clients learn to control breathing, The 100 remains a valuable part of any Pilates instructors toolbox over 100 years after it’s creation. By flexing the shoulders and head off if the mat or equipment and then pulsing the arms according to the count, not only are the deep stabilizers of the core strengthened,  but also the mind-body connection and the neck flexors, as well as scapular stabilizers to ensure proper alignment of the  neck and shoulders.

Strong clients for example can do this standard 100, while there are many variations for clients of lower ability levels, or those with physical limitations such as osteoporosis,  which prohibit flexion of the spine. These include; tabletop legs, head down and straight legs to the ceiling too many others to list.

Go see your Pilates instructor today and find YOUR 100, if you haven’t already